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Uganda & Kenya Sounds Of


Dorothy's UG. Audio & Cdn. Audio
Tel: 613-542-0204 Ext. 807 Blogfolio.


Adero Dorothy, CFCR - Radio Talk Show & U Can Africa/Canada Rep.

Ms. Mandeep & Mrs. Dorothy
- Right

Sound: It Is Marvellous
God Is Our Shelter & Strength:
Ps.46:1-3; 2 Tim.2:2+; 1 Jn.4:4+
Lk.10:10-19; Is.6:8 !!!
* Ps.98; Ps.100; Ps.126 *
"Business With People For People"
Sound On - The Best Way

The Uganda Gospel Sounds Of



WELCOME! This is Dorothy on the right and
Ms. Mandeep - at the Queens University, Canada
M.P.Admin. - Master of Public Administration and
M.A.Psychology -Master of Psychology graduations
(top center images): Sounds - Rejoice.

Rainbow Sounds on: The
*Royal Telephone Line*

YOU ARE MOST WELCOME to my home page.
Many have said they find me approachable
and therefore are at home. Please feel
at home and read on....

"business with people for people"
Sounds: The Guiding Star


I am an active and outgoing medium height,
medium size lady who wears the multitasking
hat: being a public - private person keeps
me at home both with the public and with my
own quiet times. My lecturers have called
me flexible, meaning more likelihood of
adapting to changes than breaking down.
My solid spiritual background and
foundation also keeps me standing
up in the midst of the storms.

"we build for the future"
A Firm Foundation
I am based in the city of Kingston
in Canada where I work, study and
enjoy living along with Ian Robin, my
now fifteen year old son. We have
travelled within the U.S.A, U.K,
Europe and East Africa. They present
interesting Rom.8:28 experiences, some
confirming : the infinite nature of worth
(Jer.32:17,27); that "nature does no thing
in vain" or that "God does not play dice"
- as said by Albert Einstein.
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"Sapienta Et
Doctrina Stabilitas"

"Wisdom & Knowledge
Shall Be The
Strength Of Your Times"

...Is Life & Health & Peace

My past work life or lives have been
of the people-person nature involving
among others acting as: a mathematics
teacher of pre high school entrance
students; an enumarator for a national
population census bureau; a personnel
assistant at a dairy
corporation; a newstranslator and news
at a national broadcasting station;
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"we build for the future"
- makerere Univ. -
- Kampala - UG. -

Great And Glorious
Isaiah 11:9

a foreign services officer and
a rehabilitation officer at those
ministries; a geography, business
and english literature tutor of
pre university entrance students;
a student editing assistant for the
Queens University Strathy Language
Unit production of the Oxford English
dictionaries (Canadian version);
an officially authorized elections
scrutineer with elections Canada; and
Coordinator of the U-CAN programs,
details of which may be obtained from the
URL: www.ucangift99.0catch.com
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Joy To All
The Nations:
Freedom Shall
Wisdom Increase

It is my hope that this page enlightens you on
who I am - a fellow member of the human race
who shares in the same goals of development.
This is towards the attainment and
maintainance of love, truth, justice and
thereby peace by all for all (Isaiah.11:9).

For further details, I may be contacted through
the e-mail address: ucaninternational@canada.com
or e-mail: mailtodorothy@gmail.com
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"we build for the future"

Makerere University
Peace Shall Reign

These include among others the following:
Social interests: include weekend partying away
at functions where children too can have fun.
Parties and multi parties are to us always welcome.
We welcome 'excuses' for social get togethers
to sing & dance out all the stresses of life. My age
old song? "Daddy was an old time preacherman..."
sang by Dolly...
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Sounds Of:
Daddy Was...

Sports and exercises: currently include
mainly "power walking" (anywhere within
walking distance), along with cheering
my soccer magic son as well as our teams
at soccer, basketball, and skating rings.

Travelling: it is always fun packing the
bag and travelling away from home for
short periods alone or with family. The
social, academic work or business travels
for the most part are refreshing.
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'Sapienta Et
Doctrina Stabilitas'

"Wisdom & Knowledge
Shall Be The
Strength Of Your Times"

It Is Marvellous

handicraft creations of gift
items and electronic creations such as
videos and CDs are for pleasure and for
commercial purposes. Items produced from
hobbies such as: braidings; tie and dyes;
knittings; weavings; photography products;
fashion & designs; printings; and paintings
sometimes are converted into gift items.
Prose and Poetry creations too bring
in chuckles. Other favourites include the
polishing of my French, HTML and Sign
languages skills. I speak: fluent English;
Swahili; Luganda & many of the Luo languages.
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"business with people for people"
Jn. 13:34 - 35 / Heb.13:5-6
- It Is Wonderful -

Sunday services: praise and worship of the
greatest & the most high one of all, as in Rev.21:6;
1 Cor.10:13+ & Micah.2:13 is one we most eagerly
look forward to every week end
-Hos.6:1-3; Gal.5:1,14; Mk.5:19;&
Luke.1:37. It is so lively, so much fun & v. nourishing.
Church is inside of one's own heart (Gal.6:7) so
I love+enjoy sharing the good news of life as in:
Mat.28:7-8; Jn.5:44?; Jn.10:10; Mk.4:13?;Eph.6:8;
Prov.4:7/29:18; Jn.1:5/8:32/8:51/14:6; & Ps.121:2.
My favourites are: Rom.10:17; Jn.5:24/7:38/13:35/
14:15;& Amos.5:14,24 PLUS Mat.4:4/22:39;Ps.127:1;
*Jms.5:13,16; Mk.16:15/4:13-25; Mat.28:18+/4:16;
Hosea.4:6; Is.11:2+....Eph.1:18/2:8/3:6/4:23/5:20;
*Jn.17:3 & Josh.1:8-9. You too are most welcome to
join with us either physically or on line at
p.s: When in our Africa homeland of origin, you are
welcome! to worship with us at the Victory Outreach Center (VOC)
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Rainbow Sounds on: The
*Royal Telephone Line*

Peace promotions: how do I handle conflict?
This to me as an ambassador of our Lord is
a wake up! plea for helpful action (remember?
Nahum.1:9,14-15; Rom.12:18; Jn.10:18-21). I do
my best therefore to be ever ready to be a part
of the solution, as in Eph.6:10-20. I do my best
to arise not against, but above them - in love,
as in: Rom.12:21; Mk.8:36 and Luke.9:25. I do
my best to let not the conflicts distract or stop
me from focussing on following God and as well:

"business with people for people"
Peace on earth
and good will
to all persons

- support preventative means by promoting
awareness as in Rom.10:12 or Acts.10:34-36
& that power is from within *not without, and
that our God within is very jealous...Jms.4:5;
- encourage round table communications for
happy win - win solutions as per Zech.4:6;
- promote awareness of the fact that real
truths are immortal, cannot be changed and
ought not be twisted but given due respect
(respect of God is the beginning of wisdom).
- I call for the divine intervention as per
2 Tim.1:17, if necessary to reclaim our sweet
victory that on the rugged cross of pangs
was won: "it is finished" "cheer up" did we
not hear? It is all over! as in Rev.22:9,13
- so I believe 2 Tim.3:9,16 and that 'a war
avoided is just as good as a war won'(Ps.20:7)
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Nor Silver Nor Gold

2 Tim.1:7

Academic interests:
micro-economics is my most favourite subject.
I love chipping away
at my International Business Administration
on line Ph.D program research topic:
"information technology implications for
social health & economic dev.t policies -
a comparative analysis". More shall be
posted on this research and on the
honorary degree related to this endeavour.
Included among my awards are the USAID,
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1 Peter.3:8
Sounds:...An Easy Road....

WUSC and the AAUW 'outstanding achievement'
awards. This current research interest is
founded on my Master Of Public Administration
Policy Studies at Queens University,
Canada(1992) and B.A.Social Sciences Studies
at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda(1985).
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Sounds: Where
Burdens Are Lifted..

My on-line life time mainly involves
keeping up to date contacts with
team mates in the work or business,
academic, social and fun world.

Sounds Bina Baby

I keep in touch with those in tight spots,
my own self living or having lived through
similar experiences including that of: refugee
world; widowhood & orphanhood - 1 Thes.4:13+;
Ps.146:8/46:1/40:11/30:1-5,11; Heb.10:35-39;
Is.49:15/40:28+/26:4+; Rev.21:4+; 2Tim.6:7-12;
2Cor.6:1-10/ Rom.8:38+; Job.23:10 & Phil.4:4+,13
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I keep in touch with fellow academics
in the conducting of research
towards formulation of social and
economic polices for a better world.
These include the NIKKEN business
associates and research team at
URL: www.5pillars.com
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Nikken University


I support U-CAN in maintaining contact
with the business world. This is more
particularly in our sharing of ideas
and resources as per I Tim.6:17-18.
Additionally, I keep in touch with
my on line students through the
tutoring of 'Anglophone-African
Literature and the American Law'.
This is a cross cultural educational
approach to comparative analysis
of socio-economic developmet policies:

Univ. Of Nairobi

I Cor.6:20

It is my great pleasure as an educator,
to promote understanding through tutoring
- with the aid of excerps from or texts
including among others:
the book(s) of law (moral or/and secular);
"Holy War" by John Bunyan;
"The Magic Flute" by Mozart(english ed.);
"Kill Me Quick" by Meja Mwangi;
"Song Of Ocol" and "Song Of Lawino"
by Okot P'Bitek; and "Taste Of Africa"
by the tutor. Details on the syllabus
and registration for this Self Develop-
ment Interest course is being web posted.
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*Dar Es Salaam*
Univ., Tanzania

Finally, my on line activities include
the designing and constructing of
electronic homes like this one that
you are in right now. I hope that you
have felt warm and enjoyed your visit.

This page shall be continually updated
as necessary. You are always welcome,
along with any comments, questions
and/or suggestions.
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Very Truly And Respectfully,

Dorothy D.A Obonyo Oker (Mrs.)
Representative, U-Can International
e-mail: ucaninternational@gmail.com
or e-mail: mailtodorothy@gmail.com
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"Whether you happily say that the cup is half - full
or you misreably say that the cup is half - empty
You are right!" ("attitude is everything")

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Answers to your questions will be given as best
as possible with ref.s to the royal book. Thanks.
Abbreviations are used for space saving purposes.

p.s 1/My first *culture* shock? was my first time
coming face to face with whew, a computer:
it 'told me' in deep red that I am
*not* Dorothy Adero but Dorothy Adore!
- a word I linked only to the most high one.

p.s 2/My main guiding principles? as an educator
& public servant include:loving-Mk.12:29;1 Pet.4:8;
caring-Col.3:12+; sharing-Ps.133 as per Eph.2:3+;
Acts.5:34; serving-Lk.22:25; teaching-Prov.22:6;
and Lk.6:36+

"we build for the future"


p.s 3/My best quotes?
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord - Ps.33:12
and 'whether you think you can or think that
you cannot..you are right'- by J.C.Penney
(2 Cor.5:7+/Jn.15:5/Mk.9:21-23,29/Gal.6:7+)

p.s 4/My stand on gender relations and 1 Cor.13:34?
Success! in ANY relations is to me founded upon
mutual respect of dignity us being equal as humans
*1Cor.11:11; Eph.5:21,28,29,33. My priority focus is
on God's opinions, directly uttered by Hon.J.C.
(Rev.19:16;Jn.8:22-27/14:6-9): I consider the
WHOLE book of life/law & note that 'where the
spirit of love is there is liberty': 2 Cor.3:17;
*Gal.5:1,14; Jn.8:32 & there is life: Lk.24:10+;
Mat.25:40;Phil.2:5+. May we imitate the life
giving ways..Heb.13:7-8 with faith..Jn.20:25-29,
Prov.3:5, with wisdom..Jms.1:5-8 and THANKS..Ps.136
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"business with people for people"

p.s 5/My no.2 culture shock? related to freedom
and property rights: it happened as I sang my way home
--- got whisked off to questions on the walking
& "talking" to my own self! I thereafter adopted
*the way(s)* of 'the humming bird', not buzzing
but humming away whenever outdoors - if joyfully
singing/humming to my God-self. Professional
musicians I next learnt, sometimes also frown
at 'free' humming, if of their copyrighted songs
(personal properties). Take heart though for "the
v.best things in life are still free" Mathew.10:8+
- Hellen Keller and Art Buchwald say
'the best things in life are not things'
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'For God & Our Countries'

2 Tim.4:7

p.s 6/My U-CAN work for orphans, widows and refugees?
U-Can duties are my pleasure more than work.
It officially began in 1985, with myself employed as
a rehabilitation / probation & welfare officer
in Kampala city, Uganda, Eastern Africa.
I worked with orphans, widows & the delinquent
after graduating with B.A Hons. in Social Sciences.
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"People For People"
Picture Postage Stamps

We continued on in N'bi with me as refugees rep.
I lived & worked with them & UN offices up to 1990.
Growing up & holidays-living in the home of Grandpa
Chief Lucepo Akona got me (from childhood) used to
joyful living with: refugees, esp. from Sudan & Rwanda;
the orphans; & the vulnerable - we ALL were
treated equally well & all of us were very happy
as in Is.61:3, Ps.105:37+, Neh.8:10 among others.
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"People For People"
Picture Postage Stamps


We continued on formally from Cdn. in 1994
when U-Can (Uganda-Canada) Intn'l was founded
- through 'jobs Ontario' job - creation program of
the provincial gov.t. It is mainly grassroots work
we do cheerfully & most respectfully: 2Cor.9:7;
Exo.22:22; Deut.24:17,18; Job.31:16-23; Ps.105:15;
Acts.5:5,10; Rom.13:4
& John.21:17. I have
through it all, learnt that: "the best measure of
the esteem of a persons or society is how well
a persons perceived as being weaker get
treated - many tend to literally love
another person(s) only as much as
they love their own (personal) selves"
Gal.5:14 / Luke.10:27 / Prov.10:12 / Eph.5:9-21

May we be forgiven as we forgive others...
Mat.6:12; Luke.6:37
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"People For People"
Picture Postage Stamps


p.s 6b / Am I a politician? That is a rather generic terminology
because all human beings are to me politicians by nature;
I am by learned experience & by lecture rooms training,
a Public Servant - first employed in 1985 by the Ug. Public
Service Commission
as a Rehabilitation / Welfare & Probation Officer.
We then cared for 0.5 million orphans. Today the numbers
have quadruapled to 2 million mainly AIDS & WAR orphans.
(in uganda alone i.e excluding Kenya & Tanzania).
U-Can Africa is responsible for 500 orphans in her care at
her 30 acre orphanage & in homes of relatives or in schools.
We work cordially along with other NGO orphans-caring bodies
- in the raising up of responsible, healthy & happy citizens:
like God, death is no respector of persons. Our work there
fore transcends political, class, gender, race & such other
boundaries. I feel humbled, honoured, priviledged & thank
ful to God that our orphans & I can genuinely enjoy all
that freedom, among all other God-given freedoms
- Heb.13:5-8; Josh.1:7-8; Heb.13:17-18; Is.41:13+

It is my view as a Public Policy Analyst, that E.A gov.ts
would offset many costs by introducing the orphans' tax.
In the meantime we do the best we can - with God's help.
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"People For People"
Picture Postage Stamps


p.s 7/Another saying? "walking/working with one's God
-self can appear as if doing so alone by one's own self"
- Eph.2:8...

p.s 7b/My attitude towards marital institution(s)?
The conventional one is the one I am famililar with:
I do support the gentle souls as in 1Tim.5:1,2 walking
down aisles with their true 'crowns of beauty'
(Prov.4:3-9 and 31:10,30) - in mutual submission
to themselves and to God. Cheerful Prov.15:15
committment to become and to stick together as one
Gen.2:24/Eccl.4.9-12 through all the 1 Cor 13:4,7
supports in making up a pricky less bed of roses...and
happy families we know, make up a happy nation(s)
- Ps.33:12.
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+ visituganda.com

p.s 8/My view on ill treatment of an innocent person(s)?
My view is for and of world peace. From my classrooms

training, work & observations, ill treatment of another
is violence. It's mainly a form of *soul cancer-*ego disease
where superiority is by humiliating or creating pity 'objects'.
It is like a 'feel good' 'kill-pain' sedative or even alcohol:
The torturer feels like a victor by (mis)perceiving another
person(s) as their victim(s). It also is auto suggestion where
the ill treated can begin to feel that they too "must be"
or must become very bad - and may thereby bite the bait.
Torturers normally choose to harbour bitterness & "misery loves company."
It's mainly hidden "for childrens' sake", esp. in countries
where one parent would have to leave the home or where
children are taken away from homes experiencing violence.
The U.N boss notes among many forms, that race & gender
violence especially, are among the world's worst dis eases.
It/They can put down verbally, psychologically & physically...
if not minimized through the educ. esp. of potential 'victims'.
Education creates awareness about the violence dis ease,
leading to more health/wealth/happiness for the whole society.
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p.s 9/How I know much from the golden book? it is
my most favourite (picture) book since age five.
More though was acquired by daily practice esp.
through high sch. as Scripture Union chairperson
- Ps.105:3...Rom.7:6...Jn.8:51.
A S.Union chairperson is like a scout or girl guide
who must be ever ready e.g to very comfortably take-on
the pulpit, should the incoming preacher not show up.
The most exciting quotes were or are: John.11:25,26;
Acts.4:12; Mat.6:9b-13 John.3:7; Rom.12:1; Mat.6:33;
and the ones on FAITH - Heb.11:6 and FREEDOM - John.8:36
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p.s 10/How I keep spirit uplifted? by focussing
on the silver linings with thanks Ps.144:15/118/37:
- by focussing more up above on the Mat.2:2 stars
then dwelling in the one who uplifts and sets free.
- by focusing in belief! on the lamp..Mk.4:21-25..
Lk.8:16/6:36-39 & enjoying family company..Mk.3:35
- by focussing on & moulding my studies/work into joy.
- by focussing less on mud (Eph.4:31,32) esp. his
story of -ve eXperiences already past *2Cor.4:16+
(unless I was a fulltime history professor?) Eccl.7:10
- I note that even our Lord came out of the wilderness.
Finally: by writing poetry, reading humour books,
& watching comedy (esp. with my family) while
keeping my conscience clear - remembering
all the time as necessary that: the best medicine
is laughter - Prov.15:13 / 17:22 and Phil.4:4-13.
*"Life does not cease to be funny when people
die any more than it ceases to be serious
when people laugh" - notes George Benard Shaw.
plus* "do not take life too seriously; or you will
never come out of it alive!" - says Elbert Hubbard.
or ... *"Turn your face to the sunshine ...
face to the sunshine
& the shadows will fall behind U!" says a Maori proverb.
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p.s 11/My Yr.2004 Easter Season Greetings
Happy Greetings!. May you always celebrate the precious
gift of life given as per John.3:16 and John.11:25-26,
with plenty of thanks, thereby firm and strong
support for our all mighty one as in: Mathew.12:30;
Ps.118:22+; 1 Cor.15:50-58 and Joshua.24:15.
Truly Yours - in the excellent name of our Lord.
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Happy Easter 2004!

p.s 12a/Do I fear war?
The book of life in Mat.10:28 says we do not have to fear those
who can destroy only the physical, not the spiritual:
having lived through three major ones myself, I
know the battles belong to the Lord .. 2Chr.20:15
from the days of long ago as in Mat.11:7,8
so it's not for me to harbour the fear. I do fear God
alone, even as I daily witness the impacts of battle(s)
and war(s) on the orphans, widows, widowers,
refugees & on ownself among v. many...Rom.8:31.
I can therefore only follow the all-mighty one
onwards as advised in Mat.8:22, and fight
the good fight of faith as in 2Tim.4:7,
with the 1 Jn.4:4 knowledge that God is greater,
able both to take & to give life...
- so we can and shall be able to say
"it is over!" 2Tim.4:7 with reverence and with awe
as in Rom.8:37 and Heb.12:28-29. We are a free
soul person(s)...to be free of cares over
comparatively light & temporary afflictions...
(also the very final advice given to us by L.Dr.Charles Oker)
2 Cor.4:17...
Peace on earth and good will to all persons
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'Supporting Orphans' Education'

2 Chr.20:15

p.s 12b/My homeland of origin?
...in Canada - North America is Kingston, Ontario,
and in Africa is Apac District, Uganda. Both places
coincidentally happen to be homes to the
founding fathers of their nations: Sir John A Mcdonald
(at URL: www.kingstoncanada.com) and Dr.A.M.Obote
(at URL: www.upcuganda.0catch.com). Their history,
rich cultural heritages and unique cultural centers,
along with the very interesting and most hospitable
peoples among others - continually make these places
great centers of attraction to academicians, tourists
and investors.

"Acan Kwo I lwete"
* www.visitapac.
A Local Map


p.s 12c/My opinion on the May 20, 2003 resignation of
our Ugandan V.P Dr. Specioza Kazibwe - to pursue Ph.D
education in medicine at Harvard University, U.S.A?
Congratulations! to her for once more being a
teacher by example - especially to our young girls or
ladies in the pursuit of excellence (Rom.8:28). My
Professors at Makerere University sometimes did the
same upon leaving parliament for any reasons. They
by bringing their parliamentary experiences, skills &
talents into lecture rooms - whether as students or as
lecturers, did & do greatly enrich our centers of excellence,
thereby developing themselves and society as a whole.
It is I think worth celebrating when our leaders take
the +ve steps to further pursue or promote excellence:
esp. given that always there is a time for everything (Eccl.3:1+).
Why now? There is a pre destined time for everything!
whether or not out of one's own choice - as life's wheels roll on...
Our Ugandan queen & foreign affairs minister,
lawyer Elizabeth Bagaya in the 1970s proceeded
on to the U.S.A after dedicated service in the
Ugandan parliament & worldwide.
Our former Cdn. Prime Minister Hon. Kim Campbell
proceeded on to the U.S.A for a Ph.D program after
dedicated service in various ministerial capacities.
My understanding is that the standard requirement
in Uganda is being constitutionally raised up
to: Hon / Ph.D doctorate levels for presidency or V.P;
Ph.D doctorate levels for Makerere University lecturers;
& masters degree levels for M.Ps - with few exceptions.
Uganda like very many other civilized and more advanced
nations places no limits on age, but constitutionally
placed a limit of only two terms on the presidency.
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Harvard University



p.s 14/How do I view the sx trade persons?
Your question reminds me of the merciful Rahab
in Jms.2:25, through who we see that the able mind
house of our lord can accomodate all persons of
good faith Jms.2:18,19 - the all-mighty advises us
however on both fearing and respecting God *alone:
The natural law of interdependence(e.g 1Cor.11:11)
with ref. to faith and to works(e.g. Jms.2:24) as
well alerts one on what may be worse than Rahab's trade
and qu-conclude for one's self or for another person(s)
:what is the profit to the person(s) of (habitually)
doing *for the person(s) everything good materially, while
doing *to the person(s) no thing right esp. soul-wise?
*Heb.10:38-39; Prov.31:30; Mk.8:36+; Ps.17:4+:
We live by faith and right motives or good intent in
one's works is said to be wisdom Lk.7:31-35
Mat.11:18-19/ Mat.15:8: May we gather the courage
to create more genuinely loving, caring & helpful
societies rather than creating (scape) goats - esp. out
of persons forced into sx or other kinds of -ve trade.
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p.s 15/What can I say of the (materially) wealthy?
We have from the days of long ago seen wealthy
as the queen of Sheba (1Kings10:1,8-10,
Mat.12:42) followers as Joseph of Arimathea and
leaders as King David or King Solomon. At the
other end we saw Joseph the slave and Job.
It is to me a win-win situation for society, for self and
for God when persons live in love, whether living
in comfort or through discomforts. Everything
may and does die off except for the wealth of *love
- phill.1:20-21 and Phill.3:7-8 and 1Cor.15:50...
Our being differently endowed with abilities e.g
to acquire posessions..Jms.1:17 need not cause
discontent as per Jms.3:14-17, but harmony - in the
knowledge that in love, we all are part of
the same family / body,
and that all things pass away: Jms.1:9+ & ICor.1:24-*31.
It may be harder for the materially wealthy esp.
due to unwillingness to share - Lk.18:19-25 but
*where God is within, even the camel can pass
through the eye of a needle - Mk.10:27 /Lk.18:27


p.s 16/My advice for employer-employee relations?
The priority one would be to the employer, on
being just and doing right by paying wages for
services rendered as promptly as is practical
- Jer.22:13
One for the employee is from Heb.13:17-18..."obey
your leaders...for they keep watch over your souls..."
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People For People


17/What I consider NOT good a life recipe?
...indiscriminate keeping down or keeping up of oneself
with 'the joneses'
through misunderstanding and misapplication of the
'law of relativity'...in a world of very widely varied
abilities, talents, natural gifts or resources as in
1 Cor:12:4,6.
The master advised us to *multiply given treasure
& give back some, not to either: grumble over;
oppress others; bury; or to compete with it
"... and to those who have...more shall be given"
('My crown' says King Henry V1 'is in my heart
not on my head. My crown is called - content')

- William Shakespeare<
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Ps.18/My view on the tables upturned in the temple?
(i.e on Godliness, Society & Violence)?
Objects not persons were roughened up -
*Mat.26:52. Tables of all types have been or
are being turned upside down because 'our society
is about change & change must occur' - as taught
in my Makerere University sociology classes by
Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere: "society is not static;
society is about change, continual development, and
evolvement". The divine or justified actions against
ignorance as taken by our Lord inside of the temple,
demonstrates the workings of God's wrath...
This is as we receive Godly advice on the divine
pride - to boast only divinely i.e *in goodness...in or for
the goodness of our Lord - Ps.20:7. Cor.1:31 & 2 Cor.2:12-15:
'Nothing is permanent but change' - notes Heracleitus
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p.s 19/ The secret of my success? is....
*one step at a time achievement towards set goal.
*getting up when I fall down - Paul Harvey.
*courage to undertake something - James.A.Worsham
*uplifting & developing others - Harvey Firestone
*Constancy of purpose - Benjamin Disraeli
*the ability to inspire teamwork - Henry L.Doherty
*20 yrs. to build an overnight one - Eddie Cantor
*... first taking my hands out of my pockets
*enjoying the journey, over the destination-Ben Sweetland
*... is that at an early age, I discovered that
I was not God - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
*discovery that money is not required to buy any
one necessity of the soul - Henry David Thoreau.
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p.s 20. Any comment on the Saturday Aug. 12, 2003
exit from this planet of our ex-leader Idi Amin?

None on his exit, probably on his management style or
his way of leadership. It enlightened us into 'seeing' human
*nature, 'seeing' life as a phy. body-soul-mind trio
(as a being-feeling-thinking circle) & noting that
consequences are v.similar on persons, of exterminator dis
- all characterized by poor feelings...v.lowly God-image,
love, esteem, regard, recognition, respect, & consideration, plus
lowly consideration for the feelings of another person(s)
(i.e hating & loving of another as much as one God-loves).
These include the sadistic: cainibalism; tribalism; sexism;
racism; + all similar fear! & insecurity complex founded...ISMS.
We can erase dis eases in all their forms to over come ill wishes
through empathy and (the tough) love actions. This among
, is towards attaining success that is defined by the
divine equity & equitable dev.t: higher QUALITY or levels
of social-economic and general HEALING, WELL BEING -
... LOVE is the greatest ... is = life ... is health
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The 1970s
Uganda First
No. 5
Mrs. Sarah
Kyolaba Amin
U.K-Aug., 2003.
(Lady No.1-Malyamu)
(Lady No.2-Kay (RIP))
(Lady No.3-Norah)
(Lady No.4-Madina)
I Thes.5:23

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p.s 21. What would be my final message on this plane?
The message of endurance would be my final, priority
being in keeping alive the divine love, thereby faith &
hope. This is with knowledge that material being may
fade while the invisible stays on, v.much alive & well

i.e - To those who wish well:
When I pass on, do not mourn,
Do not sadly stand by & cry;
I am not 'there', I do not weep;
I am living on, and I am! alive.

- may GRACE be with you -
Col.3:11...16,17; Ps.119:80,81; and Ps.118:17
plus Rom.8:11,37+ Rom14:11 and 1 Cor.13
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People For People


p.s/some popular & famous sayings revisited:
"when at first you do not succeed, remember the
last four letters of American" - Mark Twain...or
"'I' before the first three letters of Canadian"
"VISION is the art of seeing things invisible"
- Jonathan Swift.
"What is not seen is as though it does not exist"
- by philosopher Baltasar Gracian.
"A JOYFUL HEART is good medicine..." - Prov.17:22
"the tusks of an elephant
are never too heavy for the owner"
"a good cock can crow in any hen-house"
"HOPE is always the last one to die"
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- makerere Univ. -
- Kampala - UG. -


"one can be a victor without having victims"
"a spit at the heavens fall back on one's own face..."
Mahatma Ghandi / Prov.26:27.
"sunshine causes clay to harden and butter to melt"
"do you put a ? mark where God has put a fullstop"
"sympathy is in the dictionary near to syphillis"
"FEAR NOT abandoning your faults.."Confucious says
"how sad we birds can't fly" said chicken to the eagle.
"it is your interests to be our masters but how
can it be ours
to be your slaves?" - by Thucydides
"imagination is more important than knowledge"
- who said this? (Al.... Ei......)
"ATTITUDE is everything"
- who said this? (Al.... Ei......)
'the lie that bites is in the innermost clothing'


I Cor.13

"ill-talk of others is dishonest self-praise"
- Durant / Prov.27:2
"a good person when needed, there!
s/he is" Ps.112
"HEALTH is the first WEALTH"
- 3 Jn.1:2
"life is a dis ease...only the stages
at which one lives vary" - George Benard Shaw.
"Time is the herb that cures all diseases"
- Benjamin Franklin.
SUPRISE!: "when I was born, I was so suprised I didn't talk
for a year-and-a half!"-Gracie Allen
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"we build for the future"
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"when I get little money I buy books; and if any
is left, I buy food and clothes" - Erasmus
"Those who have no taste for excellence
need not sit at the table of opportunity"
"A wise person is spoken to in proverbs
not in prose" - An African saying.
"One is still under God even if one
denies, 'pities' or ignores God"
- An African saying.
'An optimist is one who gets treed
by a lion but enjoys the scenery'
- William Arthur Ward
title of a book by - Maya Angelou
"People do not care how much you know
until they know how much you care"
- anonymous.
"THE TOUNGE has the power
of death and life" Prov.18:21 / Heb.4:12
- anonymous.

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On Unity: Living In Harmony
Is Likened To Living In Paradise...
"To be able to entertain a thought without accepting it
is the mark of an educated mind"



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