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U - C A N - I N T E R N A T I O N A L

'People For People'
The Cranes at Las Vegas

The Uganda National
Crowned Crested
Crane Bird

*The Canadian Maple Leaf Flag *
(Link: Country Phone Codes)

All about the U-CAN logo, emblem & 'Gifts of Love':

U-CAN-INTERNATIONAL stands for Uganda-Canada-
U-CAN-INTERNATIONAL LOGO was created during
her founding session at the center for business and industry
alongside St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
The bird and leaf combination was sealed together by Canada
Queens University graphic design services. Thanks people,
for agreeing to make the bird's leg as long as it sure can be!

THE LOGO is in general a combination of the crowned
crested crane bird of Uganda, and the royal maple leaf
of Canada. It thereby symbolizes our natural environ-
ment with her dancing leaves & singing birds among others
to to be safeguarded well for their sake & for our own sake.
These stand on the world map, symbolizing her foundation as
being the people, and thereby her motto: "people for people".

The Canadian maple leaf and Uganda crowned crested crane
bird combination is the official symbol of U-Can-International.
The organizational logo consistency is maintained through
this symbol embodiment in her diverse range of logo variations.
These logo variations do represent different programs that
make up the organization.

Ugandan Crowned
Crested Crane Bird.
The Cranes Honoured
By Uganda Parliament.
(World Health Map Link)
The crested crane bird is in many countries including
civilized China, considered a sign symbolizing good luck,
civilization, humble pride and dignity as well as longevity.
Many from bird or animal family as the hard working beaver have
been officially recognised for their good and admirable qualities.

(Current Affairs Link)

The maple leaf and crested crane bird represent the timeless
of Canada and of Uganda, as once rightfully confirmed
by the late Hon. Winston Curchill among many:
"Uganda truly is the pearl of Africa."
Others refer to Uganda as "the paradise of Africa".
On her head is the natural royal crown, along with wings that
she can close up or spread out to a similar shape at will.
The same shape can also be observed on her natural red
neck-tie, her tail and her feet.

The Canadian Royal
Maple Leaf
(Weather N.W. Link)

CIRCLE ENCLOSURE with white background
for protection:
This logo is enclosed in a circle of pure white background
thereby symbolizing our principles of Peace, Truth and Justice.
It reflects the purity behind all that she endeavours to do. This
cleanliness is maintained by our constant cleaning up or
correcting of mistakes that we as humans make along the way.
We believe this is why our lord showed the disciples how to
keep on cleaning up each others' feet - continually
correcting one another in love, and thereby wholly forgiving.

Uganda National Crowned
Crested Crane

(World News Link)

The white colour enclosure as well symbolizes the fact
that we are God protected. Any harm directed at us
therefore gets reflected back to its source of origin.
A few who tried were awed by this fact of natural law:
principles as of gravity do not change even for socio-econ.
This cirle enclosure also represents the infinite
nature of our love and of our work with people for people.
The circle is a symbol of completion and of eternity.
The circle represents our positive clockwise attitude
and magnanimous approach to life. This translates into
our well known ability to gladly embrace all persons.
The circle too, is large enough to be inclusive of all.

The Multi-coloured Canadian
Royal Rainbow Maple Leaves
(Currency Converter Link)
The circle enclosure is in turn enclosed by a square with
blue and red stripes. These blue and red stripes
are the equivalent of fencing surrounding the logo.
The Red, white and blue colours are favourite choices
of very many Ugandan persons - a famous Ugandan
lady once noted: a Ugandan male idea of a fashion
statement is to shave out all hair and to put on a blue shirt.

Hon. Faustin Olwitingol, Chief
Admin. Officer of Apac District.

Uganda Dist. Contests.
(Rhinocerous Logo Link)
ABOUT THE COLOURS:The U-Can logo colours are blue,
red & white, although the royal crane is a mix of rainbow

*The Ug. Pres. Flag - 1963+*

(I.R.I.N. Global News Link)
The *blue stripes represents our being surrounded by
the divine love, the principal upon which U-Can was
founded and upon which she is run. Additionally, it
represents our head offices being protectively
surrounded by Lake Ontario in Canada.
It also represents our being protectively surrounded
by tributaries of the River Nile in Africa. The
Nile gets its name from the Greek word Nelios",
meaning River Valley. Uganda lies 100 percent in the
Nile Basin. The River Nile (flowing 6,693Kms/
4,160miles on through Sudan and Egypt). It
originates from the Lake Victoria in Uganda in particular,
and Eastern Africa in general.
This makes her the longest river in the world, only
followed by the Amazon of South America at 6,437 kms.
The Nile River's average discharge is about 300
million cubic metres per day. The total annual
discharge of the Nile between Egypt and Sudan was
last measured at 74 billion cubic meters.

Water, associated with life, is linked to the color
blue, which is linked to inward-looking and
intuitive perception. Blue symbolizes strength via
unity with the waterbodies and the skies, as well
as the interconnectedness of all the three. This is as
compared to earth, associated with the sensual green, linked
with: groundedness, stability, self dependence & security. This
again is as compared with the mind-related air, which is assoc
-iated with the color yellow-orange, linked with: the world of
intellectual perception & logical thought; discernment &
analysis; comment & disection; and thinking things through.
OUR OTHER LOGO COLOR red symbolizes innocence
that is the innocent blood of the Uganda matyrs
and of our Lord, shed so that we can live
happily. Red as well is associated with fire for warmth.

The Multicoloured

Canadian Royal
Rainbow Maple Leaf
The tounge at times is likened to Heb.4:12 fires or truth,
burning right out of the mouth
Fire is the innovative and innitiatory, active and outgoing
impeteous element of spirit and creative life that gets
things moving ahead or forward with verve and confidence.

The Uganda Shs.
(Bank of Uganda Link)

The *red stripes additionally represents the blood of
brotherhood & sisterhood, the one ness of our human race
and as well our identical aspirations. These aspirations most
especially are for peace, love and joy on earth for all of us.

The crested crane bird as well comprises of the black and
yellow colours. *Black represents the people while *yellow
symbolizes the warmth of the Uganda people alongside the
warm sunshine in a moderate equatorial environment. In
symbolizing sunshine which represents light, it hi-lights
Ugandans' near-infinite affinity & search for the truth.

Ug. Investment Authority

This naturally crowned bird embodies beauty and brains.
The crested crane as confirmed by experts is a most
intelligent bird. She is moderately proud, which to many
would qualify as humble pride. The crested crane
displays cool confidence with no signs of arrogance. She
generally is very: polite; friendly; peaceful; calm; relaxed;
composed; gentle; and patient among many other high moral
qualities that we all endeavour to emulate.

Bank of Canada Link

The crested crown bird with her extra long legs, stands very
stable and well balanced on one feet, indicating movement.
This symbolizes those qualities and the fact that we are
neither unstable nor stagnant but are moving on forward
- along with the rest of the world in the changing times.
This humble bird has slowly but securely become to many
persons, an inspiration and a model of excellence.

Ug. Crested Cranes' Show

LEISURE and peaceful cranes' peacock appearance:
The crested crane bird though serious, is as well quite a fun
bird. She most particularly loves to dance! Infact
word has spread around that our precious 'Otto', the
treasured contest award-winning "peacock" dancer is
actually a crested crane bird in origin. We all know very
well it is peacocks that strut and scare but crowned crested
cranes dance. Shhhh.... it is requested you kindly keep
this information from 'Otto' as he may not be able to with
- stand having to begin at his age, living as a crane. 'Otto'
as well is rather romantic and his peacock flames may
be crushed or even be extinguished to learn that he
is 'different' i.e that 'Otto' actually originates not from
the peacock family but from the crested crane family.
'Peacock' besides fits his fragile nature and vanity-filled
ego, while 'crane' may sound like very heavy-duty machinery.

'Supporting Orphans' Education'

The awesome nature and magnetic qualities of the crested
bird have both dumbfounded and brought many a visiting
tourist to a complete standstill.
The crested crane is a most highly adored and celebrated
bird that adorned and continues on in an infinite variety
of ways, to adorn among others: the presidential flag;
national flags, national emblems; badges & corporate logos.
Many places and things are named after her including: first
rate crested crane hotels, motels & inns; academies; parlours;
banks; roads, streets & avenues; markets; houses; music
groups and soccer teams. She continues on adding more
joy to the life(ves) of individuals by adorning among
others their:

Cdn. Gold Maple Leaf
t-shirts; bags; aprons; head bands; pens & stationery as
note pads & 12 month planners, card holders; book
marks; UCAN gift buttons; UCAN caps; scarfs;
choclate munchies; watches; decorative wall hangings;
desk flags; stick-on stickers; iron-on transfer sheets;
plates; mugs; calenders; greetings cards; UCAN crest badges;
fridge magnets; key holders & chains; floor carpets;
beauty accessories, table placemats, computer mouse
pads, flash lights; flasks; umbrellas; wrist lets; balls;
bottle holders; cookies or biscuits; heart-shaped gifts;
pillow cases; neck ties; handkerchiefs, table cloths;
shoes; neck laces; wall posters; picture postage stamps;
& a wide variety of cherished motivational gift items.

GIFT ITEMS are dedicated towards sustainable educational
sponsorships support
of our widow/ers and children orphaned
by war, diseases as AIDS and natural causes among others.
The above gift tems shall be continually web posted
on our products pages.
customers, for being a part of the U-Can-International
team in doing business with 'people for people'.

P.s. UCAN logo info. compilation by
B.A.Soc.Sci (M.U.K.Uganda), M.P.Admin.
in Policy Studies (Q.Univ.,Cdn.)

*Donation to the above cause is welcomed through
paypal via this email: ucan@ucaninternational.com
Q.Quote"Those who say it cannot be done are
normally by-passed by those who are doing it."

UCAN logo Copyright 1994 - U-Can-International.
Email contact: ucan@ucaninternational.com

Crowned Ugandan Bird
Guide & Traffic Roadmap.

Visit this U.K-Shangai pavillion
@ the May 2010 World Expo.
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