Lira, N.Uganda Child
Wounded In An Attack.

On Sat. Aug.16,2003, Massacres
left 15 dead in Dokolo, birth place
to the founding father of Ugandan
in / self dependence, Dr.A.M.Obote


Obote's parents: Late Father (left)
And Late Mother (Right) lost
Their Lives in Previous Incidences.

Robert Opio wounded
in a rebel ambush.

...Another rebel ambush
in Teso district, E.Uganda
(rebels do not like bicycles,
buses & other comm.n.carriers)

Punishment for supporting the gov.t:
ears, arms, lips & nose cut
off a "war" torture survivor.
Occult "Church" vs. State?:
*Kony means *Aid in Luo,
an African language. Joseph Kony,
Salvation (Lords - Resistance) Army
- L.R.A leader is an ex-catholic church
alterboy - turned into 'govt.' rebel. Those
abducted are among others, mortgaged
away into bodily, soul & mind slavery
through occult group 'Kony' - workers.
p.s special interest groups motives
(Prov.27:4/Rev.12:10/2 Cor.11:14)
much as the
*' Kony' / "aid" workers &
*the real churches or other genuine aid...relief
workers all perform similar aid activities.
p.s: The *rebels and the *gov.t soldiers
all wear the same colour of uniforms.

Punishment for supporting gov.t
by reporting the rebels' hideouts:
lips cut off a war-torture
survivor, Gulu, N.Uganda

Quote from narrations of the physically,
psychologically and mind - tortured person
- By Will Ross
BBC, Kitgum, Uganda

Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has become
synonymous with torture, abductions and killings
The rebels chop off noses and ears

"They tied me and laid me down. They told me not to cry.
Not to make any noise. Then one man sat on my chest, men
held my arms, legs, and one held my neck".

"Another picked up an axe. First he chopped my left hand,
then my right. Then he chopped my nose, my ears and my
mouth with a knife."

23-year-old David was abducted by rebels of the LRA, who
falsely accused him of being a government soldier.

While they were carrying out these atrocities, David
pleaded with the rebels to kill him.

Instead they wrapped up David's ears in a letter warning
people against joining the government forces.

p.s - August 2003: The international community is preparing
to intervene through a peace keeping force.

Sat. Aug.16, 2003 Bata
- Dokolo Massacres Have
Shocked All
The Residents
Of Awielem, Aderolong Parish.
RIP Payers Quoted: Rom.8:8-11

p.s: Dokolo is the birthplace
to the father of the 1962+
Ugandan in / self dependence,
Dr.Apollo Milton Obote - Opeto

Survivor Christine Acora (Mrs)
Locked Up Inside Of Her Hut
& Hut Burnt Up By The Rebels
A Voice Of The Voiceless

N & E. Uganda Villagers
Fleeing From The
Kony Rebels' Attacks.

Lira, N.Uganda M.P
Cecilia Ogwal (Above)
Who Faces Heavy Challenges
Resettling The Internally
Displaced Persons - IDPs,
Thanks Churches & NGOs
For Supporting IDP Camps

Grave digging
for Kony victims.

Ug. Musician Kameleon (Above).
Former Kony - Abductees Say
J. Kony Loves Listening &
Dancing To Kamleon's Music
'War' in the North & East

Of Uganda...'The Pearl Of Africa'
a description by Winston Churchill

Ug. Musician Kameleon (Above).
Former Kony - Abductees Say
J. Kony Loves Listening &
Dancing To Kamleon's Music

p.s - Dr. A.M 0bote is not 'a threat' - says M7

p.s: To Academicians & Researchers On Conflicts & PEACE,
video tapes coverage of the N.Uganda war scenes
along with the various stories of atrocities
are available at USD.$25.OO@
- 100% of proceeds from the sale of these video tapes
are dedicated to support of the N.Uganda war orphans.
For details, please e-mail: orphansnet@africamail.com

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